Chapter 9: Transnational formations

Cinema has been a transnational medium from the very beginning, from immigrant talent in Hollywood to cross-border influences of directors on one another.

World Cinema: Table of Contents

Table of Contents for World Cinema: A Critical Introduction

Resources on the Occult

Nollywood is a product of a complex dialectic between external and internal forces–the history of colonialism, the global economy, local arts, traditions, religious diversity, economic and social conditions–the context of which provides useful pathways to understand the particularity of Nollywood’s aesthetics, narrative forms, and its popularity in the continent.

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Chapter 10: Polyvalent world cinema

The final chapter, on polyvalence, is an equally significant step in a course on world cinema

Chapter 8: National formations

The transformative effect of globalization has radically redefined the status of the nation as a relevant economic, political, and cultural unit instead giving currency to the terms ‘world,’ ‘global,’ and ‘transnational’ in descriptions of the current geopolitical map

Chapter 7: Asian cinema

Multiple cinemas of Asian countries–China, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and other East Asian countries–are often discussed in film studies under the rubric of ‘Asian cinema.’

Chapter 6: African cinema and Nollywood

Nollywood, the video-film industry from Nigeria, emerged on the scene in the early 1990s, when film industries around the world were going through major transformations of economy, production, and ideology.

Chapter 5: Indian cinema and Bollywood

For nearly four decades, Indian cinema has been a strong presence on the world stage largely due to the strength of its numbers alone.

Chapter 4: Film festivals and world cinema

Chapter 4 addresses the most salient feature of world cinema after the 1980s: the global boom and influence of international film festivals, which have become one of the biggest growth industries.