Moviegoing in Cinema Paradiso

The following playlist and three videos contains clips of moviegoing within Cinema Paradiso.

Moviegoing: Cinema in Cinema

The following playlist celebrates the presence of moviegoing within films.

Karlovy Vary IFF Trailers Over the Years

Karlovy Vary commissions festival trailers featuring prominent filmmakers and actors. The following YouTube playlist contains 34 videos of such trailers from the 29th annual film festival to the 52th.

Chacun Son Cinéma Anthology Playlist

For the 60th anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival, 60 filmmakers were asked to represent their perceptions of “their state of mind of the moment as inspired by the motion picture theatre” (Getty).

Zhang Yimou’s Movie Night

Zhang Yimou plays with the idea of a village coming together around cinema, which works both as a metaphor about the Chinese film industry as well as speaks to the experience of going to the movies.

Atom Egoyan’s Artaud Double Bill

“Atom Egoyan’s short film Artaud Double Bill from the anthology Chacun son cinéma has become one of the most eloquent articulations of the fast-changing state of film exhibition and viewership in our times.

Venice 70 Future Reloaded

In celebration of the 70th edition of the Venice International Film Festival the Biennale di Venezia has created the special project, Venezia 70 – Future Reloaded.

Resources on the Occult

Nollywood is a product of a complex dialectic between external and internal forces–the history of colonialism, the global economy, local arts, traditions, religious diversity, economic and social conditions–the context of which provides useful pathways to understand the particularity of Nollywood’s aesthetics, narrative forms, and its popularity in the continent.

World Cinema Resources

Helpful links to better understand World Cinema