IFFLA 2018– Gali Guleiyan- In the Shadows (2017), Dipesh Jain

Dipesh Jain begins his film with a quote from William S. Borroughs, “There are no innocent bystanders….. what are they doing there in the first place?” His story is about a paranoid, who, as Bourroughs said in another place, “is someone who knows a little of what is going on.” He is Jefferies from Hitchcock’s Rear Window (1954), except here, he has developed an intricate apparatus of his own cameras to snoop on the alleys and byways of an Old Delhi neighborhood. His own handicap, so to speak, is a weakened mind that shuns social interaction. He is trapped in his own prison, unable to look at himself from outside of himself. Khuddoos has a series of social interactions that suggest that he has lost track of time. His reclusiveness gets on the nerves of his brother who pays a couple of visits to rekindle family ties. His only friend, Ganeshi, seems to nice a gentleman to care for him, guarding him against the well-deserved wrath of neighbors. Ganeshi becomes aware that his odd-natured friend is worried about a young boy beaten behind the walls by his strict father. Despite his failure to keep Khuddoos on track of a normal life and away from the obsessive fear of the neighbor, Ganeshi remains the only source of human warmth for his friend. He brings food for Khuddoos and takes him to see a doctor. Idris, the young boy who lives in the same neighborhood, behind some of the walls, has a strict if drunken father, a loving mother and a younger brother. Like many around him, he wishes to run away from the walled city. He tells his friend Ginny once of a tale of another young boy who was killed by his mother before she killed herself. Appears that many[…..]
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