Post-Brexit Film Funding Dynamics

“The proximity of nation states in Europe has historically encouraged a collective identity for European national cinemas… Europe has emerged as a political and financial union of twenty-eight countries with an attempt to sustain itself as an economic force on the world state” (Deshpande and Mazaj 79-80). While co-financing and co-production has been a staple within European models of film funding, Brexit has redefined the UK’s role in collaborative European creative projects. “UK members of the European Documentary Network (EDN) are lobbying for the UK to remain part of the Creative Europe programme after Brexit. An online petition has been set up on the EDN website, requesting signatures for a declaration of support for the UK’s continued membership. The declaration states, ‘Documentaries supported by the EU’s Creative Europe programme are a vital part of a free and open society and our shared cultural exchange” says Ben Dalton. Read more on Screen Daily about documentary groups lobbying to keep the UK within Creative Europe

Harvey Weinstein Pleads Not Guilty To Rape Charges In Court

On June 5, 2018, Harvey Weinstein was exonerated of three felony counts in New York Supreme Court. Despite multiple allegations of assault from women within the film industry, Weinstein will remain free, dependent on the payment of a $1 million dollar cash bail. Though the revelation of the shared experiences of sexual violence from Weinstein’s actions catalyzed the Me Too Movement, the ignominious film producer will not be imprisoned.   Read more on CNN about Weinstein pleading not guilty Read more on The Guardian about the origins of the Me Too movement   

Documentary Festival Focuses on Palestine and ‘68

“Documentarist, the independent documentary festival in Turkey, is getting ready to celebrate its 11th year June 9-14. The festival program, which will present world documentaries in Istanbul, features the themes of Palestine and 1968’s 50th anniversary. ” (Daily Sabah) Read more from on Daily Sabah about the festival 

Sydney Film Festival Reveals Full 2018 Program

“The world’s best new films come to Sydney every June for 12 days and nights of inspiring and entertaining premieres, talks and parties. Join us and be among the first in Australia to see the greatest, strangest and most exciting work that cinema has to offer”.  – SFF Read more on FourThreeFilm about the full 2018 program

New Technology for Moviegoing: Projector-less LED Screens

“First installed in a commercial cinema less than a year ago, the new projector-less screens – made of LED panels — are spreading across the globe. But are giant TV screens really the future of multiplex exhibition? Just over a year ago Samsung Electronics unveiled a cinema screen composed of LED panels — not unlike those in the average TV display — declaring it the theatre of the future. Since then it has established its system, branded Onyx, in six cinemas worldwide with 10 more due to open by the end of the summer and a total of 30 screens by the end of 2018, a dozen of them in Europe,” says Adrian Pennington of Screen Daily.   Read more on Screen Daily on Projector-less LED Screens in Commercial Theaters

How Independent European Animation is Taking on the US Studios

“With indie producers and sellers piling into the animation space, can Europe measure up to the powerfully resourced US studio brands and capture the family market? Independent animated film is flourishing in Europe as never before. In Cannes, the market was awash in animated projects, many of them represented by sales agents who generally handle live-action fare” says Geoffrey Macnab. Read more on Screen Daily about European animation challenging US dominated markets

Japan’s Skip City Festival Introduces Competition for Local Features

“Japan’s Skip City International D-Cinema Festival has unveiled the line-up for its 15th anniversary edition (July 13-22), including a new competition section for Japanese features. The Japanese Feature Film Competition will screen four titles from young Japanese filmmakers, including two world premieres – Kenichiro Hiro’s coming-of-age drama Beyond The Blue and Shinzo Katayama’s Siblings Of The Cave, starring Yuya Matsuura and Misa Wada” says Liz Shackleton. Read more on Screen Daily about the international festival’s line-up  

UK Documentary Producers Voice Concern About New BFI Funding

“The BFI Film Fund’s partnership with Doc Society, formerly Britdoc, to deliver a new £1m fund to UK documentary producers is raising eyebrows within the sector as some filmmakers question if the move signals a “lower commitment” to the genre in the UK. Key to the concerns is a new £80,000 ceiling on individual awards. The £80,000 limit proposed by the BFI Doc Society Fund suggests those films, which all went on to screen at leading festivals, with many also nominated for top awards, would have been left with a significant funding gap” says Tom Grater. Read more on Screen Daily about the issues with new BFI funding rules 

Edinburgh Film Festival Reveals 2018 Line-up

“The Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF) has revealed the line-up of industry events running alongside this year’s festival. The nine-day industry programme, which runs June 21-29, takes place at the Press and Industry Centre in the Traverse theatre,” says Orlando Parfitt. Read more on Screen Daily for line-up information

Karlovy Vary 2018 Competition Line-up Revealed

“The 53rd Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (June 29 – July 7) has unveiled the competition titles in its Official Selection, East of the West and Documentary sections,” says Orlando Parfitt.   Read more on Screen Daily for the 2018 line-up