Actress Vaness Redgrave Calls For Change To Visa Rules To Aid Kosovan Film Industry

“Vanessa Redgrave has called for the international film community to support a change in visa requirements for Kosovan citizens to travel abroad, describing the current situation as ‘absurdly wrong’.

Speaking to Screen at the 10th Pristina International Film Festival (PriFest) in Kosovo on Saturday July 21, Redgrave said producers and financiers “could raise their voices with their consulates, with their cultural organisations, with their unions”.

Kosovan passport holders are currently required to purchase a standard visa at £93 ($122) to visit the UK; a visit to the US requires a $160 DS-160 visa; while a Schengen visa, required to visit the 26 countries in Europe’s Schengen area, costs €60 ($70). Kosovans are not permitted to enter several countries, including Russia” says Ben Dalton.

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