‘All Good’: Munich Review

Dir. Eva Trobisch. Germany. 2018. 90 mins

“According to Janne (Aenne Schwarz), if you don’t see things as a problem, then you don’t have one. Even if that problem is rape. This highly accomplished first feature from Eva Trobisch finds nuance and complexity in a subject which tends to lend itself to extreme depictions; it’s an arresting and candid portrait of a woman whose weakness is her refusal to see herself as a victim

Following its premiere in Munich, this superbly acted picture should go on to provoke debate in further film festival berths. And while thematically it might be a tough sell, the film’s quality across the board should mean that it will be of interest to both distributors and VOD platforms on the lookout for distinctive new voices. If nothing else, the film should serve as launchpad for both writer/director Trobisch and for Schwarz, the film’s phenomenal star” says Wendy Ide.

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