IFFLA 2018– Gali Guleiyan- In the Shadows (2017), Dipesh Jain

Dipesh Jain begins his film with a quote from William S. Borroughs, “There are no innocent bystanders….. what are they doing there in the first place?”

New Approaches to Teaching World Cinema

Meta Mazaj and I published a piece in Cinema Journal Teaching Dossier edited by Diane Carson and William Costanzo. The topic: “New Approaches to Teaching World Cinema Since teaching world cinema is our concern as much

Deepa Mehta’s Midnight’s Children (2013)

When one of the most accomplished writers of our time, whose language, imagery and allegorical deft have transformed many a social crises into figurative labyrinths agrees to work with one of the formidable woman directors with a strong portfolio of socially oriented films to have captured liberal imagination, one would expect some cinematic magic to make a big impression.

Celluloid Man– Saving History for our Rich Past

You can see a hundred years from now; you can see a certain aspect of life which was there only at the time, on that day. It means a lot. It means more than Greek Tragedy

The End of Cinema, the Future of Cinema Studies Conference at UPenn

Spreading the word- UPenn Cinema Studies Conference!!

From Tacita Dean to Francesco Casetti, via Chris Marker and Agnès Varda

Philadelphia area is in going through the lucky fortunes of three important cinema events. The moment is significant for cinephiles and film scholars. Three separate and otherwise unrelated events are offering a telling lesson in reading the trajectory of transformation in cinema itself, from the gifts of its incipiency to the maps of its future.