Chapter 9: Transnational formations

Cinema has been a transnational medium from the very beginning, from immigrant talent in Hollywood to cross-border influences of directors on one another.

World Cinema: Table of Contents

Table of Contents for World Cinema: A Critical Introduction

Chapter 10: Polyvalent world cinema

The final chapter, on polyvalence, is an equally significant step in a course on world cinema

Chapter 8: National formations

The transformative effect of globalization has radically redefined the status of the nation as a relevant economic, political, and cultural unit instead giving currency to the terms ‘world,’ ‘global,’ and ‘transnational’ in descriptions of the current geopolitical map

Chapter 7: Asian cinema

Multiple cinemas of Asian countries–China, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and other East Asian countries–are often discussed in film studies under the rubric of ‘Asian cinema.’

Chapter 6: African cinema and Nollywood

Nollywood, the video-film industry from Nigeria, emerged on the scene in the early 1990s, when film industries around the world were going through major transformations of economy, production, and ideology.

Chapter 5: Indian cinema and Bollywood

For nearly four decades, Indian cinema has been a strong presence on the world stage largely due to the strength of its numbers alone.

Chapter 4: Film festivals and world cinema

Chapter 4 addresses the most salient feature of world cinema after the 1980s: the global boom and influence of international film festivals, which have become one of the biggest growth industries.

Chapter 3: Film production and finance

Chapter 3 offers an account of the main production models around the world

Chapter 2: Watching world cinema

Chapter 2 traces different, and unevenly developed, practices and habits of watching films around the world

Chapter 1: What is world cinema?

Chapter 1 offers a conceptual framework that navigates existing and emerging ideas in the field of world cinema, situated firmly in the context of its world literature and world music precedents.

World Cinema: Introduction

The term ‘world cinema’ merely names an indisputable reality of the experiences of film practitioners, viewers, critics, students, teachers, and scholars