World Cinema: a new column

I have started writing an infrequent column on the idea, the practice and the ways of seeing world cinema.

Recent Conference Presentations

“Anthology of Identity: Emerging Imaginary in European Cinema,” European Cinema Research Forum (ECRF),  SUNY Binghampton, NY in June 2009.   “East European Omnibus as a Pedagogical and Methodological Strategy,”Society of Cinema Studies Conference, Los Angeles, March 2009. Respondent to the Third Biennial Cinema Conference on Cinema South Asia: Focus on Documentary, University of Pennsylvania, April 2010. “Nation in the wake of its demise: Anthology films as a response to the New Europe,” The Europeanness of European Cinema at Kings College, London, June 2010.

Recent cinema writing

K. M. Madhusudhanan’s Bioscope,” DearCinema, 8 May 2009. “The Afterlife of War: The 15th Sarajevo Film Festival,” Senses of Cinema, #53, 2010. Rotterdam Film Festival Diary, DearCinema, February 2010. Rotterdam 2010 Diary: In Conversation with Umesh and Girish Kulkarni Rotterdam 2010 Diary: Kutty Srank Rotterdam 2010 Diary: Tigar Awards and Long Takes! Rotterdam 2010 Diary: Indian Shorts Rotterdam 2010 Diary: The Competition Vihir at Rotterdam Fest: A Bright Future for Marathi-Indian cinema Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles, April 2010.  DearCinema. IFFLA ’10 Dairy: Fatso Review IFFLA ’10 Diary: Cooking with Stella