Moviepass Crashed Because It Ran Out of Money – and Future Looks Uncertain

“The MoviePass app, which offers a subscription-based movie ticket service, went down on Thursday because the company ran out of money to pay partner cinemas. The company had to request an emergency $5m loan just to reinstate the service.

Any of the app’s 3 million users that attempted to see a movie on Thursday were greeted instead by an error message claiming that their reservations could not be processed.

‘I am AT the theater right now and spent way too much time trying to figure out why your app wouldn’t let me check in. Are you kidding me? I drove all the way here and there’s no offer to reimburse?? I can’t even see the movie now bc it’s TOO LATE,’ wrote one user on the company’s Twitter page” says Jeffrey Delfin.

Read more on The Guardian about the subscription-based service’s failure

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