Post-Brexit Film Funding Dynamics

“The proximity of nation states in Europe has historically encouraged a collective identity for European national cinemas… Europe has emerged as a political and financial union of twenty-eight countries with an attempt to sustain itself as an economic force on the world state” (Deshpande and Mazaj 79-80).

While co-financing and co-production has been a staple within European models of film funding, Brexit has redefined the UK’s role in collaborative European creative projects.

“UK members of the European Documentary Network (EDN) are lobbying for the UK to remain part of the Creative Europe programme after Brexit. An online petition has been set up on the EDN website, requesting signatures for a declaration of support for the UK’s continued membership. The declaration states, ‘Documentaries supported by the EU’s Creative Europe programme are a vital part of a free and open society and our shared cultural exchange” says Ben Dalton.

Read more on Screen Daily about documentary groups lobbying to keep the UK within Creative Europe

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