Stream Guy Maddin’s Haunting Experimental Film SEANCES for Free

“Almost every director working in the first half?century of film history has lost at least one film to the quirks of fate. These lost works remind me of ghosts. It’s easy to equate these films long gone missing, which exist forensically only in the form of a few production stills and some old Variety reviews, as restless spirits that haunt us. The landscape of cinema history is thronged with their likes, tormenting us with their promise of a return, of their warm refulgent brilliance restored to us, as in a miracle. There will never be the kind of closure the discovery of a dead body can bring to a family. These films will never be declared dead with any certainty, they will continue to haunt us with the possibility of their return. These lost film titles are the ‘hauntings’ we hope to invoke with SEANCES

Winninpeg-based surrealist/expressionist filmmaker Guy Maddin (TALES FROM THE GIMLI HOSPITAL, CAREFUL) has been making challenging, personal, witty and deeply unapologetically weird avant-garde cinema for decades. Now, his fans have a new way of experiencing Maddin’s unique film narrative with SEANCES, a groundbreaking achievement in data-driven cinematic storytelling from iconoclastic filmmaker Guy Maddin, co-creators Evan Johnson and Galen Johnson and the National Film Board of Canada” says Chris Alexander. 

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