Creative Scotland Opens £600,000 Film festivals Fund

Creative Scotland has launched a £600,000 fund for film festivals.

Vertically Integrated Media Corporations Effects on Watching Cinema

The financial success of film and television streaming companies has made telecommunication and distribution corporations increasingly vested in the expansion of their company to build a “modern media company” (Kay).

Streaming Services Looking to Expand into Europe

While the European continent has hundreds of millions of English speakers that have the ability to watch English-language television shows and films, corporations such as Netflix, HBO, and Amazon recognize how individuals desire to see local-language content.

Why Independent Cinemas are Booming in the UK

Finding ways to strengthen the presence of independent film, arthouse chains in the UK are working within the competitive market of commercial theaters to show non-blockbuster films.

Local Chinese Film Beats Avengers: Infinity War’s Box Office Numbers in China

Xu Zheng-produced How Long Will I Love U stayed top for two straight weeks, adding $31.1m for $118m after 17 days.

Fox Networks Group Asia and Endeavor China’s Mass Marketed “Localization”

The two corporations hope to create content popular among Asian audiences through remakes of shows and films in different languages.