The Financing Behind the 2018 Edinburgh Film Festival

“Edinburgh International Film Festival (June 20 – July 1) faces tough competition in its slot, but there are enough good titles to go around, artistic director Mark Adams tells Screen… Some festival directors are renowned for their outsize ego, but graceful geniality has served Mark Adams well. Now in his fourth year as artistic director of the Edinburgh International Film Festival, he’s plotted a steady course, dodging the long shadow cast by the event’s illustrious past, while calmly accepting the challenge of ever-tougher competition within EIFF’s summer slot. “You have to be pragmatic” is an oft-used phrase” says Charles Gant.

While international film festivals garner collectivity through the gathering of individuals to enjoy world cinema, they still occupy space within the competitive global market. The Edinburgh International Film Festival, like all film festivals, takes major initiative to ensure its economic and cultural vitality.


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Refer to Chapter 4: Film festivals and world cinema for more on this topic

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