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Google Books preview of World Cinema: A Critical Introduction


Reviews, Analyses, and News     

  • Criterion
    • “A magazine of film culture past and present, with new articles, interviews, and videos published every day”.
  • Screen Daily
    • Screen International or is a film magazine covering the international film business.
  • Four Three Film
    • “Four Three Film publishes a wide array of film content, from reviews and interviews to longform feature pieces and video essays”.
  • The Guardian
  • The New York Times
  • IndieWire
    • “Since launching on July 15, 1996, IndieWire has grown into the leading news, information and networking site for independent-minded filmmakers, the industry and moviegoers alike”.
  • Variety
    • “For 113 years, producers, executives and talent in entertainment have turned to Variety for expert film, TV, digital, music, and theater business analysis and insights”.
  • Hyperallergic
    • “Hyperallergic is a forum for playful, serious, and radical perspectives on art and culture in the world today”.


Film Journals

  • Senses of Cinema 
    • “Senses of Cinema is an online journal devoted to the serious and eclectic discussion of cinema. We believe cinema is an art that can take many forms, from the industrially-produced blockbuster to the hand-crafted experimental work; we also aim to encourage awareness of the histories of such diverse forms”.
  • Bright Lights
    • “Bright Light’s goal is to create a film magazine that would feature great photos and combine popular and academic styles, with humor and progressive politics tossed into the mix”.
  • Cineaste
    • Cineaste is an American quarterly film magazine that was established in 1967.
  • Film Quarterly
    • Film Quarterly, a journal devoted to the study of film, television, and visual media, is published by University of California Press”.
  • Images Journal
    • Images is a non-commercial Web site created for everyone who enjoys movies and popular culture. Images is published quarterly”.
  • Jump Cut 
    • “JUMP CUT: A REVIEW OF CONTEMPORARY MEDIA is run on a nonprofit basis by its staff and is not affiliated with or supported by any institution. Begun in 1974 as a film publication, JUMP CUT now publishes material on film, television, video, new media, and related media and cultural analysis”.
  • Off Screen
    • Offscreen is a wide-ranging film journal that covers film festivals, retrospectives, film forums, and both popular and more academic events.
  • Cinephile
    • “Cinephile is a peer-reviewed journal edited by graduate students in the Film Studies program at the University of British Columbia. The journal aims to provide a forum to discuss aspects of film theory, history, and criticism, and is intended to provide a platform to share research papers, book reviews, and reports that engage with debates appropriate to film, media, and cultural studies”.
  • Alphaville 
    • “Alphaville is a fully peer-reviewed online journal edited and published by staff, PhD and postdoctoral researchers in Film and Screen Media at University College Cork, Ireland”.
  • Another Gaze
    • Another Gaze is a feminist film journal, founded in January 2016, and established to highlight the gender inequality of the film industry and amplify the voices of great, often overlooked, filmmakers who identify as women”.


Video Essays 

  • The Videographic Essay
    • “This site serves as a companion to the book, The Videographic Essay: Criticism in Sound & Image by Christian Keathley and Jason Mittell (caboose books, 2016). It collects a number of exercises produced in June 2015 as part of a workshop on videographic criticism”.
  • Audiovisual Film Studies For Free
    • “Selected videographic essays and criticism by Catherine Grant”.
  • Reddit
    • List of more video resources
  • Regular Lovers
    • Audiovisual essays on film by A. Martin & C. Álvarez López
  • Film Forever
    • Video essays released by the British Film Institute


Streaming Sites

  • FilmStruck
    • “As the exclusive streaming home of the Criterion Collection and classics from TCM Select, FilmStruck offers access to critically acclaimed films and iconic movies”.
  • Le Cinema Club
    • “Le Cinéma Club is a free, curated streaming platform hat presents one film every Friday, available to watch for one week anywhere in the world”.
  • Movie Saints 
    • “MovieSaints is a website where people can discover and watch compelling independent films from around the world. Viewers can support the filmmaker/creators if they like a film and get a refund if they don’t like it”.
  • Filmatique 
    • “Filmatique streams award-winning festival films for US and Canadian audiences”
  • Fandor
    • “Fandor presents a library of hand-picked films to film lovers by film lovers. They showcase global cinema as well as critically-acclaimed films from the United States. They give 50% of the revenue from the site to the films rights holders that they stream the films from”
  • Kanopy
    • “We stream thoughtful entertainment to your preferred device with no fees and no commercials by partnering with public libraries and universities”.
  • Brown Sugar
    • With around 300 films streaming, Brown Sugar has the largest catalogue of“Blaxploitation” films on the internet. Blaxploitation films are low budget films that use their platform to tackle racial and social issues of the time.
  • Dekkoo
    • Dekkoo is a streaming service designed for gay men featuring a film library larger than Netflix and Amazon Prime.
  • Tribeca Shortlist 
    • The Tribeca Shortlist is a monthly subscription streaming service that showcases Hollywood and independent films both within the US and globe.
  • Sundance Now
    • Sundance Now brings subscribers some films screened at Sundance Film Festival as well as films that were put through the Sundance Labs and films curated by filmmakers and “cultural icons”.
  • Viki
    • Viki is a streaming service that attempts to remove the language barriers of global cinema by streaming user translated and subtitles films available in over 200 languages.
  • Spuul
    • Spuul brings viewers thousands of Bollywood films available in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Punjabi and other regional Indian languages.
  • Docsville
    • Docsville brings audiences hundreds of documentary videos feature length and short form from independent filmmakers around the world. Created by Nick Fraser from BBC and is in partnership with The Guardian.
  • Mubi
    • Hosting 30 films every month, Mubi brings subscribers a new film each day. Every time a new film is added, an old one is taken off constantly giving viewers new films to watch. The films are curated by Mubi’s staff of cinephiles who bring films from all over the world – some festival hits and some classic, critically-acclaimed blockbusters.
  • Shudder
    • Created by AMC Networks, Shudder brings subscribers quality horror, thriller and suspense films that subscription services like Netflix and Hulu don’t. The membership base can review the films for other viewers as well as have access to exclusive Shudder releases and attend VIP film screenings.

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