Yad Vashem has online ambitions for Holocaust film library

“The growing Visual Center of Yad Vashem, The World Holocaust Remembrance Center, hopes to one day offer a platform for films in its extensive library of 12,000 videos and films to be viewed online globally. The matter of rights issues is the hold-up for now. Liat Benhabib, director of the Visual Center, tells Screen International at the Jerusalem Film Festival (JFF), ‘I really believe in creating a platform to watch films online. We are still debating internally about how, when and where we will get the budget. We don’t have immediate plans but I believe in it.’

The Center adds about 600 to 800 films per year to its library, most of which can be viewed free at the Visual Center on site at Yad Vashem’s impressive museum complex in Jerusalem. For now, Yad Vashem’s film database, the most comprehensive database of Holocaust-related cinema in the world, offers information – but not film streaming – online here. There are some visual works on the museum’s YouTube channel but they are mostly survivor testimonies not complete films” says Wendy Mitchell.

Read more on Screen Daily about Yad Vashem’s attempts to bring their archive online 

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